Solanart Upcoming NFT Events

An NFT event is an NFT selection created by one or more artists. Usually there are similar or related NFT Art images, which are mixed in an NFT plan with a main theme.

NFT events launch art selections, which can be purchased in the way of individual NFTs at trend or specific NFT marketplaces. The floor price as the price of the cheapest NFT of an NFT event allows the work of an NFT art to be tracked. Anyone who invests in an NFT of the project becomes a member and may benefit from further advantages such as events or access to an online union.

However, given the ongoing scaling issues the blockchain faces, there is constant debate as to whether it could be overtaken by a more aggressive infrastructure platform in the sector. One name popping up in the discussions is Solana, which began supporting NFT this year and is quickly becoming the go-to choice for minting and trading collectibles.

Solanart Upcoming NFT Events
Solanart Upcoming NFT Events

Is The Future Of NFT Solana?

The question of where the future of the NFT sector lies is rather confusing. While there is no telling how the market will go on, there are strong indications that Solana is a serious competitor for NFT event dominance.

Solana has established itself as a powerful way to Ethereum. A big reason for this is that the Solana platform already appears to be where Ethereum hopes to be with its move to proof-of-stake. Solana has a higher transaction rate than other blockchains, is cheaper in terms of fees and more environmentally friendly. Another aspect that gives Solana an edge is the reason that Solana’s network has grown faster in 2021 as more and more developers see Solana as easier to code.

Given these features, it’s not shocking that NFTs have gained traction on the Solana. NFTs traded on marketplaces on the Solana have quickly surpassed a billion. Solana has also been very successful in the NFT gaming space as there have been several capital investments aimed at promoting the play to earn gaming method. However, Solana still has a long way to go before it can match footing or take NFT dominance from it. The reason is that the largest NFT projects are still based on the Ethereum. Ethereum is also working on the ETH 2.0, which could make it competitive again in terms of speeds and costs.


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