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NFTs are very popular, more and more creators and brands are launching their coveted NFTs on the sector. Investors face great investment chances if they invest in the perfect and undiscovered NFT projects ahead of the majority and in a timely manner. Indispensable for this: a well sorted NFT list.

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Cool Kids Walk

Cool Kids Walk creator has been cited by numerous sector insiders as the pioneer and trendsetter of animated avatars. But they have also inspired a subgenre of animated selections of walking characters. Cool Kids Walk is the latest of these, which will be followed by others.

Rich Cats Nation NFT

Rich Cats Nation is an NFT selection of 1,000 NFTs hosted on the Binance chain. The NFTs represent ownership of unique NFT art, depicted as cat-based avatars with various random traits. Following a similar structure to other well knwon NFT collections, some Rich Cats are considered rarer than others, resulting in them having a higher valuation in the secondary market.

5 Upcoming NFT Drops
5 Upcoming NFT Drops


ZenCats is an exciting NFT project that is all about mindfulness. This NFT Drop will provide with 5,7 NFTs, with a selection of unique avatars available.

Hungry Hamster NFT

Hungry Hamster is a project of 10,000 hand-drawn and generative NFTs nibbling on the blockchain. A miniature embodiment of the creatures that bite off more than they can chew, each hamster comes with a unique combination of background, item, vices, and skin color. Dressed in unique costumes and endearing quirks, each HH is a unique narrative. The experience with HH as a token does not stop with collecting.


Pionauts is a upcoming project of almost 10.000 photorealistic NFTs with unique depictions of historical characters. The development team behind Pionauts set out to use intelligence to recreate these historical characters. The Pionauts selection features 85 famous faces including Van Gogh and Darwin. Pionauts’ NFTs are made even more lifelike with animations created using motion capture methods. The exciting thing about this selection is that the Pionauts owners can have a say in where the journey of this collection should go.


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