Metaverse Land and Real Estate Prices 2023

Will brokers and other players in the sector have to expand their fields of purchase to include virtual worlds in the future? For us, it is at least certain that Metaverse will play an increasingly important role – one of ten real estates that the consultancy has identified for 2023.

Big information has long been established in the real estate – but the project of the trend is far from being reached. Handling data in these worlds will play an important role for sector players in the future, including in Europe. The real estate consultants have identified some global ones for the real estate year 2023.

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Higher For Longer – Interest Rates Remain High

The industry will also have to adjust to high interest rates in the long term. Money has a price again, which will influence commercial property pricing. This fits in with the current forecast by the Institutes that will raise the key interest rate to almost 5% by summer this year.

Operational Excellence – Assets Are Coming

Another trend the company says is an increasing need for more property management. Investors increasingly focused on niches and looked more closely at operatings or user-related offerings.

Metaverse Land and Real Estate Prices
Metaverse Land and Real Estate Prices

Healthcare Real Estate In Demand

Experts believe that healthcare real estate will increasingly attract investors attention. According to the study, digital innovations and data help to identify the perfect investment possibilities.

Globalization 3.0 – Supply Chains Should Become Shorter

According to the experts, real estate companies will rely on shorter supply chains based on the experience of the past few years. The trend towards re-shoring, which has already taken hold in 2022, will therefore intensify in the current year.

Decarbonization Of The Real Estate 

In order to reduce a building’s C02 footprint as much as possible, the use of climate-friendly building elements such as solid wood will increase. For example, the increasing use of cross-laminated timber as a structural material in commercial construction will support the decarbonization of the real estate.

New Lease Of Life 

Green leases have been around for some time, but will gain in importance. According to the forecast, developers, investors and tenants will coordinate more closely in future in order to exploit the potential of energy building sector. The biggest challenge is in the inventory. It can already be observed that rental deals contain innovative clauses if landlords deviate from the negotiated decarbonization path.

Run On Affordable Housing

In recent years, the housing field has attracted more and more private investors. According to the consultants, this trend will continue in 2023. The demand for affordable housing is growing because of the rising cost of living. Investors will therefore increase their activities in the low-priced real estate. That could be a challenge, but the chances are huge, the report says.

Will Metaverse Be Brokered Soon?

Anyone who focuses on the media about cryptocurrencies and virtual worlds should not overlook Metaverse as a player in the real estate sector. The innovation may play a greater role for the sector in the future, especially for brokers and investors. There are already first examples: According to its own statements, million dollar is the first virtual company for real estate and land with an NFT selection.


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