Best Metaverse Tokens List

The Metaverse is becoming a trend and with it numerous coins that are developing such a virtual world. But which meta cryptocurrencies are promising, which ones should you keep an eye on?

Some experts see sustainable chances in the metaverse world. Because the Metaverse could manage even more sales than the online world does today. Not only companies like Meta should then benefit from this. The crypto industry would also be one of the beneficiaries. The blockchain solution could reach its complete potential in a metaverse of the future. After all, a clear allocation of ownership would only be open and fair with decentralized solutions. This could make the Metaverse one of the biggest chances for cryptocurrencies.

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Merit Circle

A meta token with potential is Merit Circle. This is a so called decentralized one focused on developing the play to earn monetary. Merit Circle’s goal is to revolutionize gaming by increasing the value of many games in the Metaverse, increasing the ability of users to make money playing their favorite games. Merit Circle is considered one of the leading tokens and the profits that MC  bring in could be life-changing for numerous players.

Merit Circle
Merit Circle


Cryptocurrency number two in our meta token list is the role playing game Illuvium. ILV does not rely on cute pixels, but on a realistically worked out 3D world. In the role-playing, players have the chance to go on an exploration tour or to complete tasks. Optionally, you can also devote yourself to building an army of so-called Illuvials. These are valuable fighters that can be trained to fight against other players. In addition, Illuvium also offers earn features, for example you can earn money while playing. You can do this, for example, by participating in tournaments or completing quests. At the same time, your Illuvials get stronger, better and therefore more valuable with every fight you win. You can see how much value the Illuvium team attaches to an impressive presentation in this trailer, for example. It also provides a first insight into the mechanics of the game.

Shiba Inu 

This token is well known as a fun currency. Because in 2021 there was a unique trend about Shiba. But now meme coins hardly attract digital money fans anymore. That is why the former fun currencies are striving for a basic establishment. Shiba Inu relies on various pillars. In addition to the Layer 2 scaling solution and new items in the system, the Metaverse is a key building for the token’s potential success in the future. However, it is not yet certain whether Shiba Inu will succeed in developing use cases. However, this is imperative to establish yourself in the top digital asset market. Otherwise, the losses are likely to widen notably.


This token is a smaller metaverse with an even more manageable market cap. Because currently this is only around 200 million dollars. This makes it into the top list of the international digital money industry. Nevertheless, CEEK VR has a unique selling point. Because the coin focuses with its system on a virtual world or events. Concerts and streaming are at the heart of the VR world at CEEK. Comfortable interactions take place with smart deals. If you rely on the mixture of entertainment and metaverse, the CEEK VR token could be an exciting cryptocurrency with great chances and risks.


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