How To Buy Metaverse Real Estate

Is it still worth getting started with digital concrete? What the construction boom in the Metaverse has to do with the real estate bubble and why the location also counts in these worlds.

The prices for real estate NFTs or land in the largest metaverses need not hide from the actual world. In November, for example, the fashion shopping street in Decentraland was acquired for the equivalent of 2.5 millions. The Decentraland transaction was surpassed by the Metaverse game. There, a whole 2.5 millions were paid for a piece of land in early period. However, the Metaverse game The Sandbox set the deal. Digital asset investment Republic Realm, for example, has paid almost 4.5 million for a sandbox property from game developer.

How To Buy Metaverse Real Estate
How To Buy Metaverse Real Estate

Who Lives In The Metaverse?

In order for Decentraland and others, not to do the same thing as ghost towns, lively digital finances must develop. Without hustle and bustle, that users spend a lot of time and money in the Metaverse, the virtual estate speculation will not come up. The run on the vacant lots is a speculation on the future for fear of no longer being able to enter the hip areas.

This also explains why the sporting goods manufacturers also want to penetrate the virtual world, as it became known in November. A day later, it appropriately became public that Adidas for example would also like to cooperate with the brokers. Most recently, it was mainly working on the NFT offering. So all signs are pointing to NFT production, which, among other things, acts as commodities and goods in the metaverse. The created offer then only has to meet a correspondingly high demand – at least that’s the idea.

The virtual real estate should currently still have enough momentum for a few high transactions to take place before the wave of disillusionment. Especially since there is no government regulation that can stop the construction boom. As with all bubbles, as soon as you tell your friends about the investment chances in the Metaverse, you should consider selling the virtual properties. Until that happens, some hot air can send up land and property prices in the Metaverse.


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