How To Make Money With NFT Art

If you haven’t heard of NFTs or NFT art, you should check it online. For the last months, discussions about NFT have paralyzed the online world. The trending topic has left millions of people wondering what it is and how it can work for them. Their rising popularity promises to revolutionize the creative sectors. As a designer and artist, we ask ourselves the question “What do I get from NFT art?” Let’s first take a closer look at the term.

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Digital Art Ownership

Before cryptocurrency existed, we never owned anything digital. We’ve sent, recycled, and posted images and graphics, but there wasn’t an opportunity to acquire complete and concrete ownership of a digital artwork. With NFTs, that has changed. Creatives can now lend, sell, or display digital artworks as they please.

In order to be able to sell it, the creators must own their art in some way. After an NFT artwork is created, it is “minted,” or tokenized, on the cryptocurrency platform. Blockchain is a digital system that stores details in a way that is difficult to hack. This makes blockchain very useful for tracing who owns the copyright of an artwork and who created it. In theory, any digital work you’ve created and minted leads to you.

How To Make Money With NFT Art
How To Make Money With NFT Art

A Novel Way To Manage Income

NFT art is a whole new way to categorize artworks and give creatives the chance to monetize their work. It aims to be a faster and easier way for creatives to produce work and reap the rewards of their creativity. There’s no chasing after client payments, preparing files for printing or waiting for feedback, or changing and editing a work to fit client needs.

A Global Reach

Until now, collecting and buying art has primarily taken place in real spaces. Creatives made money from real-world events such as exhibitions until recent events in world history meant that much of that was no longer possible. The advent of the NFT trade shifted art to the online world. This allows many creatives around the world who have not previously had the chance to sell their work to use this option for themselves.


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