Bezoge Earth Price Prediction 2022

Bezoge Earth is the new fast growing meme coin. According to many platforms, the price of Bezoge has increased by more than 380% in the last week alone. In the last 24 hours, it’s up more than 30%, bringing its complete market cap to more than 650 million. This makes it in the top largest cryptocurrency list in the world.

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What Is The Bezoge Earth Price Prediction For 2022?

Meme coins have become even more well known than before in the last few months. In fact, cryptocurrencies have reached billions of dollars in capitalization. They have a combined market cap of more than 50 billion. This trend has inspired more people to create their own meme coins. A closer look at the rates reveals that there are now dozens of “Doge” inspired coins out there.

Bezoge Earth Price Prediction 2022
Bezoge Earth Price Prediction 2022

Is Bezoge Earth A Good Investment?

Launched in May this year, Bezoge Earth has quietly grown into one of the largest coins in the world. Its price currently stands at 0.014. That doesn’t sound like much, but at least the coin saw a 2,100% increase in one month. This makes it one of the most perfect performing cryptocurrencies in the world. Basically, there are still a lot of things that we don’t know about references. For example, we’re not sure how many people are actually in the game and if they’re buying the NFTs.

Bezoge Earth is an Ethereum based coin that sits at the intersection of meme coins and the metaverse. According to the experts, Bezoge was developed by a three-person team. The three decided to create a meme coin that has intrinsic value.This value is managed by the Bezoge Earth. The game itself is inspired by Minecraft. Players have to complete several missions here. These missions aim to rebuild the earth and save the coins from the moon. In this virtual game, players can use the obtained coin to purchase NFTs created by the union. In theory, it would be a good cryptocurrency to short. In reality, however, we are in uncharted area where retail investors are buying whatever is in fashion. Therefore, it is likely that Bezoge Earth will continue to rise over the long term.


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