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In the crypto space, simple mistakes can wipe out fortunes. But it’s about more than just money. The most important wisdom of the scene.

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The New Partnership Between Cake DeFi and Razer

The new partnership gives users access to the major cryptocurrencies. Cake DeFi will be listed and promoted on the Razer official page. Asia-based crypto hot news network Cake DeFi has announced a partnership with Razer, backed by Razer Inc, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. The latest international partnership will allow users to exchange their Razer cards for Cake DeFi through the platform’s Awards page and the exclusive relationship will provide good value for both gamers and crypto supporters alike.

Uniswap 2022 Price Analysis

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine intensified, most altcoins have lost much of their strength. Uniswap, for example, also reached a low for the year at the current price level. Uniswap had posted an all-time high of 45 mark in the month of May last year after the coin continued to fall on its charts. The coin broke its long-hold support level of $12 and broke a number of resistance lines.

Lawsuit vs Ripple

Ripple has been under criticism for several weeks. The U.S. Securities and Commission sued Ripple leadership over an unannounced sale of Ripple tokens that allegedly took place back years ago. However, it is apparently extremely difficult for the SEC to prove the illegality of this alleged offense, especially since other cryptocurrencies are not covered by this securities law.

Musk Sells Large Part Of Its Bitcoin Holdings

It is a bang for the crypto hot news union: The car manufacturer Tesla has sold a large part of its Bitcoin holdings. By the end of the second quarter, we had converted about 75 % of our Bitcoin purchases into fiat currencies said the report for the second quarter of this year, which was presented on Wednesday after the US market closed. Divestments in the most recent quarter brought the company almost 1 million dollars.

Christie’s Investment Fund To Support Web3 Based Companies

Christie’s, the auction house prestigious for its sale of fine art, has launched an investment fund to support emerging businesses with innovations that enable seamless art consumption. The auction house said the fund, Ventures will provide monetary support to companies in Web3 and innovation related to arts and luxury goods. According to Christie’s, its first investment will be in a company developing solutions to allocate decentralized omnichain apps that enable more seamless assets between crypto hot news and blockchains. For more news you can visit the


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