What Is Metaverse

The term metaverse was first used in Neal Stephenson’s 1991 fiction novel Snow Crash. The author describes the Metaverse as a kind of international virtual world in which people walk around as avatars. The whole thing is a bit reminiscent of today’s mass online playing games. Only there is no game, no high score, no set goal. Rather, the Metaverse is built as a digital variant to the real world.

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What Is Metaverse Technology?

The latest feature of the Metaverse is decentralization. In other words, there won’t be one, two or three big networks like Google or Facebook controlling the sector. This new virtual platform works in a decentralized manner and everyone can in procedure connect with everyone else in this virtual world and move around in it. We’ll go into more information on that below.

What Is Metaverse
What Is Metaverse

How Metaverse Works?

As a kid I you may were a huge fan of flight simulators. You may even had a ticket for Phantasialand. There, one of the best attractions for children were a 3D flight that allowed you to fly through the universe. You probably know this: You sit down in this dark ball. The seat moves hydraulically and you have a huge screen in front of you. And then you fly through the universe and have the feeling of sitting in this spaceship and flying through space and time. It’s very similar in the 3D movies: Put on the 3D glasses and it immediately feels like you’re in the movie. For me, this is the first step in the way of how we can envision the Metaverse. With just one big difference: In the Metaverse we are part of this world. So we don’t get them in front of us and can then only look at them, for example in the flight simulator or in the 3D. Instead, an actual world emerges. A world where we can actually live, where we can interact, where we can do business with other people, where things can really happen. Let’s take a closer look at a few eye-opening examples of how this can look in practice. So the Metaverse is a world controlled by us as individuals, shaped by us, lived by us. We beam or inform ourselves into a digital world.

What Is Metaverse Crypto? 

Due to the decentralized project, it may even be possible for every individual person, to earn money in the Metaverse. As nowadays, social media or Google tracking are built into web pages. Our complete surfing behavior is tracked with it. Who makes money from it? Not us, but the big innovation companies. The decentralized offer on a blockchain does not belong to any company. For example, you could now agree to having your behavior tracked in the metaverse. With the situation that each of us earns money from advertisements that are displayed there. Suddenly everything is controlled peer to peer decentrally, each person has sovereignty over their details and can, if they wish even benefit immediately from it.

What Is Metaverse Real Estate?

The path towards the future seems clear: on Decentraland for example, digital properties are currently changing hands for many. And that’s not play money. The tech companies have just paid $ 5 million for a piece of land on the Sandbox platform. According to company, this is the largest virtual real estate deal to date. The crypto companies had previously invested $2.5 million in space in Decentraland. According to crypto platforms, lands for a complete of more than $100 million were recently sold on the largest Metaverse sites in a week.


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