How To Join The Metaverse

It is the word that is currently triggering just as much as the cryptocurrencies: Metaverse did in the beginning. Social medias announced that it was working on their own Metaverse. At the same time, the company renamed itself: Meta. So social media puts everything – or at least a lot on one hand. However, you cannot join this metaverse yet.

A metaverse is a tech world that expands the actual world by one level. With an avatar you create yourself, you should be able to work there in the future, meet friends, learn and even go to events. In the right form, regular life merges with the metaverse, so that people can’t lead two lives, but a developed one – that’s the opinion. If social media has the way, a user or expert can put on reality glasses, look up at the sky and take a closer look at the planets. The extra feature: with these glasses you can still perceive your surroundings, data is projected into the picture – like on a pane of glass. It is widely understood as a highly mesmerizing and shared world where people come together to play and work.

It is also tied to the development of Web3.0, which some believe will be the next level in the existence of the online world, built on cryptographic ledger that will, in practice, homogenize access and strength and weaken the impact of the biggest innovation companies. The subject is not entirely new. In the early 2000s there were many precursors to the Metaverse. They’ve lost a lot of radars since then, but they are still working.

How To Join The Metaverse
How To Join The Metaverse

Why Do We Think The Metaverse Will Take Off This Time?

The big innovation companies are all putting their guns on the metaverse. Owners are all in while Microsoft looks to build the merged metaverse. Meanwhile, online games have already propelled socializing into a mainstream and created networks that can be the building limits for Metaverse development. Some game developers believe that could be the most impressive Metaverse network of the future. 

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs facilitate the buying and selling of items within the metaverse and open up business variants. But more importantly, these exchangeable tokens also allow you to move your  identity and goods between different worlds – for example, you could take your pixelated sword from a game and turn it into a strong weapon in another one.

Then this really becomes Meta and you can switch seamlessly between networks, as dreamed by sci-fi novels. Think back to the 90s when phones allowed people to text each other on different platforms and suddenly the messaging exploded beyond everyone’s expectations. On the more business-focused part, there is opportunity for meetings, education and healthcare. 

Many of the companies, from early-stage startups to giants, are already finding their place in the Metaversum. Investors are mostly still waiting to see which fledgling startups deserve to be supported.


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