How Do Steroids Cause Bleeding

Steroids, commonly known as corticosteroids, are powerful medications that mimic the effects of hormones produced by the adrenal glands. They are primarily prescribed to treat various inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and certain skin conditions. Although steroids are known for their effectiveness in reducing inflammation, they do come with potential side effects. One of the concerning side effects associated with long-term steroid use is bleeding. Steroids can cause bleeding through their impact on blood vessels, platelet function, and the body’s immune response.


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What do Steroids do to Your Blood?

Steroids can cause bleeding by affecting blood vessels. Steroids have been found to weaken the structure of blood vessel walls. This weakening occurs due to a decrease in collagen production, a critical component that provides strength and integrity to blood vessels. When the walls of blood vessels become weaker, they become more susceptible to rupture and leak, leading to bleeding. This effect is particularly prominent in smaller blood vessels like capillaries, leading to easy bruising and bleeding from the mucous membranes. Furthermore, weakened blood vessel walls can lead to the formation of abnormal blood vessels, known as angiodysplasia, which are prone to bleeding.

Steroids can impair platelet function, resulting in bleeding. Platelets are small blood cells responsible for clotting and preventing excessive bleeding. Steroids interfere with platelet aggregation, which is the process of platelets coming together to form a clot. By inhibiting platelet aggregation, steroids hinder the formation of blood clots, making it easier for bleeding to occur. The inhibition of platelet function may also contribute to the development of bleeding ulcers in the digestive system, as an essential component of ulcer healing is the formation of blood clots.

Steroids can disrupt the body’s immune response, leading to bleeding. Steroids suppress the immune system, reducing inflammation in various conditions. However, a weakened immune system can sometimes fail to recognize and respond to infections and injuries promptly. This delay in the immune response can result in prolonged bleeding, as the body’s natural clotting mechanisms are not activated as efficiently. Additionally, steroids can mask the signs of infection, making it difficult to identify and treat underlying causes of bleeding in certain cases.

Steroids can cause bleeding through their effects on blood vessels, platelet function, and the body’s immune response. Weakened blood vessel walls, impaired platelet function, and a suppressed immune system contribute to an increased risk of bleeding in individuals taking corticosteroids. It is essential for healthcare professionals to carefully consider the risks and benefits of steroid therapy, especially in patients with conditions that are associated with bleeding tendencies. Additionally, patients prescribed steroids should be closely monitored for signs of bleeding, and their treatment should be adjusted accordingly to minimize potential complications.

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