All The Terms and Definitions You Need To Know About Metaverse

A parallel world where everything is possible. Where we can move freely and do whatever we want. Where all our favorite entertainment are united together, just like our friends and family members. The Metaverse is on everyone’s lips. What does this new innovation mean for our everyday lives? What does it mean for our professional life? How will we live with and in the Metaverse in the future?

The metaverse is often also described as a new variant to the real world, since a metaverse is based on this and the chances in this world can also function outside of the real laws. Many questions to which we only partially know the answers today. Let’s look together at what we already know and travel together into the future and experience what will be happening. Even if many questions will remain unanswered today.The view is exciting and will surely captivate you.

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What Terms Are There In The Metaverse?

Even if there is no such thing as a metaverse, most of the procedures are very similar. Many simple methods are even identical. These are just a few, but very important ones and already established innovations that the Metaverse can or could use:

Augmented Reality Is Becoming A Part Of Everyday Life

The co-founder and executive chairman of gaming company Animoca –  He sees augmented reality as a kind of gateway between the virtual and the actual world. Reality will move on a concept ranging to virtual reality.

Definitions You Need to Know About Metaverse
Definitions You Need to Know About Metaverse

For Ambient Computing

Experst believe in a merging of realities: “Thanks to the resolution and quality of today’s innovation, the Metaverse can feel as real to the participants as real life. According to them, everything points to a more intense entertainment knowledge that engages all the senses.

No Metaverse Without Artificial Intelligence

It is clear that there will be no metaverse without artificial intelligence: Like carbon for the natuarl world, it will be both the spectrum that provides the necessary structural support and the element from which the digital representation is produced.


Facebook or rather Meta, is currently building the possible union for its Metaverse. Oculus has been part of the team for 8 years. In addition, Meta has recently acquired various VR places to develop content for the subject.

High Performance Computing

It is not for nothing that high-performance is currently experiencing a revolution. Manufacturers are building new super devices. Chip manufacturers are getting more and more strength out of their procedures. New methods such as linking regular CPU networks with graphics accelerators ensure leaps in power that no one dared dream of just a few years ago.


The token is unique and cannot be shared or copied. NFTs represent items and just like cryptocurrencies, are represented in the blockchain. An NFT usually consists of a URL that points to crypto content that is stored on a server. This reference is stored as a point in the blockchain. NFTs are questionable to the Metaverse because the innovation allows ownership of virtual property to be managed and commercialized.

Augmented Reality In Its Purest Form

This is exactly what can be seen in the tutorials and contents: the man sits at his desk and takes a sip from a coffee cup. To his right, only a few m away, a virtual woman walks past him and waves to him, he greets back.

Video Games

Of course, video games are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of virtual reality. PC game glasses are not that new. The first attempts to do this were made decades ago. But virtual reality only became acceptable with the so-called Oculus Rift. 

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality maps the entire spectrum from the real world in which we live to completely virtual. So it’s a combination of a purely extension of the actual world and a completely virtual managed world.

Online Shopping

This variant uses that we know today and may experience later. However, this list is incomplete, as no one can estimate how big the Metaverse will become. It must be very convenient if you run the Facebook program and at the same time you can just show a shop button so people can buy online and offline. Unfortunately, most other merchants don’t have such a handy button in one of the world’s well known applications, and will have to find other ways to monetize the Metaverse.


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